FAA Cites Cost for Excluding Cargo Pilots in New FAR 117

 - December 17, 2012, 2:50 PM

The just released flight crewmember duty and rest requirements docket, which includes an extensive cost-benefit analysis, shows that the FAA still plans to exclude U.S. cargo pilots from the new rule, due to take effect Jan. 4, 2014. The agency said the cost of compliance is greater than it earlier believed.

In a statement sent to AIN, the Air Line Pilots Association, representing the pilots of FedEx, commented: “After reviewing the FAA supplemental cost-benefit analysis of cargo operations in the new FAR 117 flight-time/duty-time rule generated in response to the Independent Pilots Association suit, ALPA remains committed to ensuring one level of safety for all passenger and cargo operations. We believe calculating cost versus benefit based on the absence of an aircraft accident and resulting passenger fatalities is a fallacy, and a severe deficiency in the cost-benefit process…While the government has shifted to evaluating safety improvements by eliminating accident precursors in other areas, it chose not to do so in this case. We remain committed to pursuing a fix to the flawed cargo cutout from the new flight-time/duty-time rule, both through regulatory action and pursuit of the Safe Skies Act on Capitol Hill.”

The FAA is accepting comments on this latest proposal until Feb. 11, 2013.



The FAA again has again shown that it is nottruly interested in safety. It should not matter whether it is a passenger flight versus a cargo flight when making rules related to duty limits.

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