U.S. Bizjet Fatalities Highest in Four Years

 - January 14, 2013, 1:45 PM

The number of fatalities in U.S.-registered business jet accidents last year was the highest since 2008, according to statistics compiled by AIN using data from official accident investigative bodies from around the world.

Last year, 24 people were killed in five accidents involving U.S.-registered business jets, compared with four fatalities in one accident in 2011. Four of those five accidents, however, occurred outside the U.S. and four of the five involved aircraft operating under Part 91. The details of the fifth accident, a December 2012 Learjet crash in Mexico, remain unclear.

In 2012 seven fatal accidents involving N-registered turboprops resulted in the deaths of 15 people, versus 29 fatalities in 11 accidents in 2011. Of the seven fatal turboprop accidents last year, six involved aircraft operating under Part 91, while one was operated under Part 135. Nine of the fatal 2011 crashes occurred under Part 91 while the other two were flying as Part 135 charters.

Internationally, two people died in one fatal accident involving a non-U.S.-registered business jet operating privately in 2012 compared with five crashes (two involving chartered business jetliners) that caused 68 fatalities in 2011. Forty-two people died in 15 fatal accidents involving non-U.S.-registered turboprops last year versus 13 fatal accidents and 55 fatalities in 2011.