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Prism Offers SMS For Small Helicopter Operators

 - March 5, 2013, 1:00 PM

The price of a full-blown safety management system (SMS) represents a considerable expense to any flight operation, but can leave an even bigger hole in the budget of a small one- or two-aircraft department, according to Chris Young, vice president of helicopter aviation services at Prism, an arm of information services provider Argus International (Booth No. C1104).

Young hopes to increase the penetration of SMS into the world of smaller helicopter flight operations by offering a full-service version of the normal Prism SMS at a subscription price that may entice many to try the system for the first time. “Once a company realizes the value of a safety management system,” he said, “there’s very little to hold back [adoption], except perhaps the cost.” Operators will quickly appreciate SMS benefits such as online hazard reporting and a flight risk assessment tool coupled to an internal evaluation program and even a system to track the training qualifications for everyone in the operation. A three-day training program is included in the price of every Prism SMS subscription.

AIN asked Young why Argus would sell full-service Prism subscriptions to small helicopter flight departments for a special price, which means reduced profit for his company. “It demonstrates our commitment to this distinctive industry and their safety management needs,” he replied. “It’s also the right thing to do.”