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Avincis Group Makes Staff Changes, Embraces Safety

 - March 6, 2013, 1:20 PM
Ian Kummerlin

Avincis Group, provider of aerial services worldwide (Booth No. C7211), announced that in Latin America it has appointed Ian Kummerlin as regional CEO, based in Santiago, Chile. He will directly supervise the expansion of Avincis Group subsidiaries Inaer Chile and Inaer Peru. “My focus is to allow both Inaer and Avincis to become lead players in mission-critical services in the region,” Said Kummerlin.

In the northern hemisphere Avincis subsidiary Bond Offshore Helicopters announced that it is the first helicopter operator to become a full member of Step Change in Safety, a UK-based partnership dedicated to making the gas and oil industry in the UK the safest operation in the world.

Luke Farajallah, managing director, Bond Offshore Helicopters, said, “The safety of our customers, crew and everyone we work with is fundamental to the culture of Bond Offshore Helicopters. Membership in Step Change in Safety puts Bond at the forefront of embedding these values across the oil and gas industry.”

“Bond has, since its inception, actively participated in the Helicopter Safety Steering Group,” said Les Linklater, team leader, Step Change in Safety, “and by becoming full members, have made a demonstrable commitment to Step Change.”