Training Review: Airport Simulator Improves Pilot’s Knowledge

 - May 13, 2013, 2:20 PM

At first glance, some pilots might consider Aviation Tutorials’ new Getting Around on the Ground software as a bit too basic to be useful for professional aviators. After testing the system for a few hours, however, this AIN editor now believes that it has plenty of substance and value.


This safety-focused software–one of eight packages the company offers–contains three hours of interactive initial and refresher training on airport signage, taxiway markings, lighting options and ATC ground procedures. The system runs on both a PC and a Mac and in simulator mode allows the pilot to set the visibility anywhere between unlimited and one-eighth of a mile, in daylight, dusk or at night, offering a host of challenging options.

Getting Around on the Ground consists of 16 different modules that test a pilot’s skill at finding his way around both a GA and an airline airport, sprinkling in knowledge at almost every step along the way. And what training software wouldn’t offer/demand a few quizzes along the way? I loved how they were presented.

The company website also offers a limited demo of each product so pilots can try before they buy.