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World Fuel Offers New Online Training Course For FBOs

 - May 20, 2013, 2:55 AM

World Fuel Services (Booth 359) has announced the availability of a modular online learning program for employees of its partner FBOs worldwide. World Fuel oversees the Air Elite and World Fuel Network member FBOs, and makes the e-learning program available to member companies’ employees free of charge.

Michael Clementi, president of World Fuel’s aviation segment, said, “With the busy day-to-day reality our customers face and the importance of initial and recurrent training in our industry, we believe that this new platform effectively provides our customers the resources they need for success, while still providing them with the flexibility they expect.”

The program covers the specifics of airport safety, aviation-specific information and customer service strategies in separate modules. It is available 24/7 for employees to complete at their own pace and time.

Aviation 101 is the line service and fueling module, covering the basics of how aircraft are marshaled, fueled, towed and parked. The customer service module covers the fundamentals of the complex and sometimes demanding needs of passengers and air crew. World Fuel recognizes that the passenger and crew expectations of line personnel and customer service employees may not be the same around the world. Using elements that include role-playing scenarios, this e-learning program is designed to help standardize the experience at a high level for members of the Air Elite and World Fuel Network member companies.

In separate news, World Fuel Services subsidiary BaseOps International, a Houston, Texas-based flight-planning specialist company, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. BaseOps marks this milestone with the opening of its new Singapore office. World Fuel’s Clementi added, “To meet the growing demands of international trip-planning services throughout Asia and the Pacific Rim, we felt it was important that we placed resources in the region. Our international customers want to work with local industry experts who can speak the local language and understand the local customs and culture.”

BaseOps provides trip planning and support services worldwide, including flight planning, regulatory compliance and weather forecasting and expertise. BaseOps’ affiliation with World Fuel ensures not only expert flight planning assistance but also fuel discounts wherever possible through the Air Elite and World Fuel Network member companies worldwide.

Based in Miami, Florida, World Fuel Services sells fuel and delivers services to clients at more than 6,000 locations in 200 different countries and territories, including airports, seaports and other storage locations. It has 48 offices around the world.


Flight Operations at SVG AIR, I would like to complete this course, what do I do?

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