FlightSafety Announces Flight Hour Program

 - May 27, 2013, 1:00 PM

As the August 2013 date for implementation of the new ATP safety requirement for all Part 121 pilots nears, the FlightSafety Academy announced a new program to help less experienced commercial pilots reach the 1,500-hour mark required to apply for the certificate. Called the Flight Instructor Candidate Opportunity initiative, the program will allow pilots to gain experience as a CFI that counts toward the ATP requirement while earning advanced aircraft ratings at no cost.


How could Flight Safety stoop so low? Taking advantage of low time pilots by "allowing" them to flight instruct for FREE! The last approach I saw like this was a banner tow operation in South Carolina who offered "free Flying to build time."
Aviation has always been the best study of supply and demand when it comes to pilot pay. Flight Safety is proposing to continue that trend.

If Flight Safety can make this work then so much for the alleged pilot shortage! Just another way to keep pilot pay at the poverty levels they are at now. I fail to see how this is a benefit to the flight instructor profession.

FSI compensates them with full-up type ratings in the CFI's jet of choice in exchange for X number of hours instructing. Last time I checked, type ratings were not inexpensive. The company doesn't want to spend cash and those that will step up don't mind spending the time in exchange for a nice resume fluffer. Sounds fair to me.

I started back in1954 and worked as a Flight Instructor for $2 an hour. Flight Safety is running a business not a charity. No one is making these pilots do this. It is a real oportunity for a young pilot that has that burning desire to fly professionaly. Now, 59 years later I realize how valuable that time was to my career as an airline Captain and a BizJet Captain. Good for you Flight Safety.

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