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A350 XWB Configurator Makes Easier Work Of Cabin Configuration

 - June 17, 2013, 4:45 AM
The new Airbus A350 XWB configuration tool from software engineering provider PACE promises to make the cabin layout design and engineering more efficient.

Airbus has introduced a central configuration software tool for the A350 XWB program that promises to make cabin layout and cabin configuration more efficient, thanks to software engineering specialist PACE.

Developed by the Berlin-based software provider, the A350 XWB Configurator is based on the latest version of their flagship product Pacelab Cabin 7. It supports Airbus sales, marketing and customer engineering teams in creating airline-specific cabin layouts and aircraft configurations and presenting them in “fully rendered 3D, with realistic representations of the selected materials and ambient lighting scenarios.”

The A350 XWB Configurator ties in with Airbus’s new customization concept of offering aircraft buyers an extensive catalog of modular solutions to achieve a significant reduction in lead times. Key assets in this respect, according to PACE, are the software’s intuitive, highly visual user interface which facilitates the selection of suitable packages from the catalog, with complex compatibility rules which ensure that only valid configurations are considered. Real-time visualization makes it easier for the customer to examine the selected options.

“As the client-facing side of our customization concept, the A350 XWB Configurator is an important sales and communication tool, which provides all the information airlines need to make a smart purchasing decision,” explained François Caudron, Airbus head of A350 customer and business development. “PACE has a proven track record with our company.”

PACE managing partner Alexander Schneegans expressed satisfaction with the “vote of confidence” from Airbus. “We consider their choice a strong validation of our leadership in the cabin configuration domain and of the long-standing relationship between our companies.”