Selex ES Boosts Kuwait AH-64 EW Capability

 - July 26, 2013, 11:30 AM
The Hidas defensive system produced by Selex ES equips AH-64D attack helicopters, including those operated by the Kuwait air force (Photos: Selex ES)

Selex ES is supporting sales of electronic warfare equipment with training courses in the company’s EWOS (electronic warfare operational support) facility at Lincoln, UK. A group of 11 Kuwait Air Force (KAF) personnel has just completed a training course there on the company’s Hidas (helicopter integrated defensive aids system) that equips the KAF’s AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopters. The courses at the EWOS are also designed to allow customers to develop their own EWOS capabilities, so that they can react independently to meet emerging electronic threats. In the KAF case, Selex ES has allocated one of its specialists to Kuwait for a year to develop that capability.

Selex ES has a long history in the electronic warfare field and leads the Praetorian defensive aids subsystem for the Eurofighter Typhoon. A key element of any defensive system is to provide EWOS, which entails programming the hardware elements so that they are optimized to meet the threats that are likely to be encountered during a particular mission, and in a particular region. Selex ES has developed a sophisticated EWOS process that can react rapidly to emerging threats by devising counters and quickly reprogramming the hardware. The hardware is reconfigured through the uploading of new software-based mission data sets.

The company is supplying a number of mission data sets to Kuwait as part of the training contract, and with these the country will begin to build its own EWOS capability. This capability has already been acquired by Saudi Arabia, and Greece is also a customer of the Selex ES EWOS center, and for the AH-64 Hidas. The facility has a number of other customers, but they have not been disclosed.