LABACE Convention News

Raisbeck Offers Royal Improvements For King Airs

 - August 13, 2013, 7:00 PM

Raisbeck Engineering has come to LABACE to show off its new swept-blade turbofan propellers for the Beechcraft King Air 200 family. The new propellers received certification from the Brazilian civil aviation authorities in June and last month the European Aviation Safety Agency granted its approval as well.

The propeller’s redesigned blades offer King Air owners several benefits, including quieter operation and increased thrust due to the effects of blade sweep and increased overall diameter of the propeller arc. The new units provide a nearly 1,100-foot improvement in published FAA takeoff performance compared with the originally equipped propellers.

The U.S. company teamed with Hartzell Propeller to certify the new propeller, and claims that it represents the first practical business aviation turbine propeller application of swept-wing theory. Deliveries of the new props began in March and, when combined with Raisbeck’s Epic Platinum performance package (which includes enhanced-performance leading edges, dual aft- body strakes, ram-air recovery system, high flotation gear doors and optional crown wing lockers) will provide operators with superior overall performance.

The swept-blade propellers as well as Raisbeck’s other modifications are sold and installed by more than 100 authorized dealers worldwide, including Brazilian firms such as Conal, Japi Aeronaves, Líder Aviação, Premium Jet Manutenção de Aeronaves, Quick Aviação and TAM.

New Dealer in Argentina

The company just announced its latest South American authorized dealer: Argentina’s Aero Baires SACI. The Buenos Aires-based company is already a Beechcraft dealer and authorized service center.

“Aero Baires is proud to add Raisbeck Engineering to our existing line of aviation representatives,” said company president Jimmy Smith. “We have been related to the Beech family since 1947, making us the oldest dealer in the world, and we believe this new venture will be of mutual success for both parties.”

Here at LABACE, Raisbeck is sharing an exhibit (Stand 5005) with fellow King Air modification specialists Blackhawk Modification and BLR to highlight their King Air performance solutions. Raisbeck and Blackhawk have forged a new partnership aimed at providing a suite of improvements for the King Air 200 line.

Known as the Blackhawk Epic XPR series, the improvements consist of the Blackhawk engine upgrade package which uses PT6A-52 or -61 engines along with Raisbeck’s swept-blade propellers and Epic Platinum package to give shorter takeoff and landing distances, FAA-certified balanced field lengths, increased climb rate and cruise speeds, quieter cabin and cockpit that permit conversation at normal levels, improved resale value and the latest engine technology.

“This teaming agreement will give King Air operators a gateway to make much easier their decision to fly with the latest and greatest airframe and engine technology,” said Bobby Patton, Blackhawk’s vice president of international sales. “We are pleased to work with Raisbeck to continue making a positive contribution towards the legacy of the King Air.”