Dubai Air Show

Embraer’s Lineage Gets A Major Makeover

 - November 18, 2013, 10:35 AM
The enhanced cabin of the “ultra-large” Lineage 1000E is designed with five zones, among them a forward dining area and an aft zone that can be converted for use as a private stateroom.

With the number of Lineage 1000s already in service worldwide approaching a dozen, and more than a few in the Middle East region, Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer is at the Dubai Airshow with its new Lineage 1000E, an airplane that features a serious makeover from nose to tail.

For business and private aviation travelers in this area, range is always a consideration and it likewise became a major consideration with the Lineage redux. After reducing the weight by 500 pounds, the ultra-large executive variant of the E190 airliner now has a range increase from 4,400 nm to 4,600 nm, putting within reach city pair nonstop connections that were once considered marginal. The Lineage 1000E can easily fly nonstop from Dubai to London or Tokyo, and from New York to Los Angles.

“We found a lot of opportunities to save weight,” said Augusto Salgado da Rocha, manager of product strategy. “Every single piece of the interior had a design target theoretically calculated before the piece was complete, and every single piece was controlled very strictly to make sure we would get to our design target.”

Further weight savings came in a redesign of the forward fuselage, removing an unused door and 12 to 13 unused “mirage” windows previously hidden behind cabinetry, as well as optimization of fuselage supports. Even wiring harnesses and routing were redesigned.

Cockpit options now include auto-land, a combined head-up display and an enhanced-vision system with an infrared camera installed in the aircraft’s nose. Embraer claims the package helps reduce operation minimums to Cat II operations, and in some cases even Cat I. The Lineage is already certified for operations at London City Airport, giving passengers quick access to London center.

The cabin management system was upgraded to the Ovation Select digital system from Honeywell. A fully integrated media center concentrates multi-media devices and video inputs, such as Blu-ray players, iPod docks and HDMI or USB ports. The system delivers high-definition video and 5.1 surround sound on larger and slimmer monitors.

The Apple TV device is “easily integrated,” allowing passengers to stream iPad content to other iOS devices and to the onboard entertainment system. The system will also hold other streaming boxes, including those that are Android-based. “It brings to the airplane the same convenience and functionality of the home entertainment experience,” the company says.

High-speed Internet connectivity is via Inmarsat and voice via Iridium. Honeywell’s high-speed data package is an option allowing data and voice service through the Inmarsat satellite network with speeds up to 864 kbps. Wireless handsets are also available for voice communication.

Other enhancements include new seats, electric pocket doors (three separating the five cabin zones), refreshed galley and cabinetry design and automatic tables. Reconfigurable furniture features adjustable shelves and PC power outlets and pleated window shades are electrically operated.

The standard galley appliances now include microwave, convection oven, coffee maker, ice drawer, two counter tops and increased storage space.

The cabin environment is also quieter, thanks to improvements in the acoustics package from 3M. Changes included more efficient and balanced airflow, more effective damping materials and “optimized distribution” of thermal acoustic insulation in the cabin. Embraer claims the cabin noise has been reduced by about one third, or 2 dB (SIL), depending on the choice of materials, cabin layout and location within the cabin at which the readings were taken.

The modular five-zone cabin, says Embraer, “provides the highest flexibility among interiors assembled by any OEM.” Within the zones, customers may have up to three lavatories, a shower, a safe, a bar, side-facing semi-private office, stone floors and stone galley countertops. The modular interior, according to the company, provides for “hundreds of cabin layout possibilities.”

Among upgrades still be evaluated are the integration of audio/visual on-demand (AVoD) entertainment and a system to increase the cabin humidity.

According to Salgado da Rocha, even with all the changes, the designers and engineers of the Lineage 1000E makeover managed to retain the open, spacious feel of the cabin.