NetJets Begins Installing Tempus Medical Units

 - December 2, 2013, 1:35 PM
Fractional ownership provider NetJets is increasing its use of RDT’s Tempus IC device, which allows cabin crew to get support from MedAire in diagnosing and treating passengers for medical problems in flight.

NetJets is installing the Tempus IC system–a lightweight device that connects cabin crew to ground medical facilities through the aircraft’s satellite telephone system–aboard its midsize and large-cabin fleet of business aircraft. According to a NetJets spokesperson, some of the company’s current in-service fleet of Bombardier Global 5000s and 6000s already have the Tempus equipment installed and an additional number of the fractional ownership provider’s Globals, as well as its Challenger 350s and 605s, are being fitted with the system. Designed to make emergency communications between on-board personnel and medical facilities on the ground easier, the new units deliver real-time video, voice and clinical-grade vital signs, including diagnostic EKGs, as well as blood-pressure, pulse, temperature, blood-sugar, breath-gas, blood-oxygen and respiration levels. Tempus’s UK-based manufacturer, RDT, says the comprehensive technology is so simple a layperson can transmit a 12-lead electrocardiogram to MedAire medical support services on the ground. MedAire provides global medical training to NetJets crewmembers.