Grrrilla Adds Internet to Portable Airborne Telecom

 - January 16, 2014, 1:40 PM

BizjetMobile has introduced the new Grrrilla Inmarsat-based portable communications device, which allows airborne users to access the Internet and send text messages and emails from almost anywhere in the world. Unlike its current Iridium-based systems, BizjetMobile’s Grrrilla enables users to download email attachments or surf the Internet for as long as needed.

Connection time when using the Internet with Grrrilla is billed by the minute, and the user can switch Internet access on and off as needed. A passenger who needs to download a file can keep the cost to just a few dollars by switching on Internet access, getting the file and then switching if off.

Grrrilla will require installation of a Cobham SB200 antenna, though the Grrrilla system itself is considered portable, according to BizjetMobile. Installation takes about two days and costs $15,000, with no STC required for N-registered aircraft, the company said, although field approval (Form 337) will be needed. Systems ordered now will be ready for delivery in about five weeks. The Grrrilla system costs $67,000, and unlimited emailing and texting costs $799 per month. Up to 12 users can use Grrrilla at the same time.