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Lightspeed Adds FlightLink to Sierra ANR Headset

 - February 25, 2014, 2:20 PM

Lightspeed Aviation (Booth No. 5900) announced that its entry-level Sierra ANR (active noise reduction) headset may now be paired to Lightspeed’s proprietary FlightLink app, offering pilots the ability to capture radio transmissions for playback and archiving.

“Sierra has been our primary vehicle for introducing the benefits of premium ANR headsets to student pilots,” said Teresa De Mers, Lightspeed executive vice president for sales, marketing and support. “The addition of FlightLink to its capabilities adds a new level of utility to its already exceptional comfort and quiet.”

De Mers also noted that FlightLink makes the headset a natural training tool for students, by allowing them to record their interactions with ATC. “Together with Sierra, [FlightLink] will enhance the learning experience and could improve the odds of a student’s success,” she added.

The free FlightLink app is available for the Apple iPad and iPhone, with the Sierra ANR retailing for $600.