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Metro Aviation brings on new staff, announces new customers

 - February 27, 2014, 2:24 PM

Shreveport, La.-based Metro Aviation (Booth No. 415), owner of the Helicopter Flight Training Center in Shreveport, announced at Heli-Expo that Air Medical Group Holdings (AMGH) is its launch customer for simulator training. AMGH and Metro signed a four-year training agreement using the EC135 level-D full-motion simulator as well as the AS350 and Bell 407 Level 7 flight training device. Metro Aviation president Mike Stanberry also announced that California Shock Trauma Air Rescue Ambulance (CalStar) is the co-launch customer for EC135 simulator training at the Helicopter Flight Training Center. CalStar signed a five-year training agreement using the EC135 level-D full motion simulator.

Pilots for both companies will train on the use of NVGs, autorotations, inadvertent IMC and more in the sophisticated simulators.

“We are excited to partner with Metro Aviation for the best training possible for our pilots, giving them opportunities to develop skills to handle whatever situations they may face without risk to them, our team or the aircraft,” said CalStar president Lynn Malmstrom. “This is the next big step in our continuing efforts to keep our patients and crews flying safe.”

Metro Aviation expects delivery of the EC135 simulator, a full-motion level-D device, next month. The simulator will be available for training this summer, according to Stanberry.