Details are Sketchy on Etihad Cabin-Smoke Incident

 - March 3, 2014, 12:25 PM

Officials from Etihad Airlines and the United Arab Emirates, where the carrier is based, are still investigating last week’s arson incidents aboard a Boeing 777 that departed Melbourne, Australia, for Abu Dhabi in which a number of smoke alarms were activated in toilets. Although no one was injured, Flight EY416 did make a precautionary landing in Jakarta, Indonesia, after smoke was detected pouring from two toilets aboard the aircraft. No one was arrested in Jakarta and the flight departed after a complete search of the aircraft, all passengers and all carry-on luggage. While the flight was still two hours out from Abu Dhabi, yet another toilet smoke alarm sounded. In all cases, the smoke sources were extinguished without damage to the aircraft. After the second set of alarms, however, flight attendants discontinued cabin service and guarded the toilets to prevent another incident. Etihad reported that 12 people were held for questioning after arrival in Abu Dhabi.