Pilot Overshot Australian Runway in Wet Weather

 - March 31, 2014, 1:15 PM

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) said an additional go-around might have prevented a January 23 wet-runway excursion involving a chartered Fairchild SA-226 turboprop at Archerfield in Queensland.

The pilot conducted an instrument approach to Runway 28 with a plan to circle to Runway 10 beneath the airport’s reported 800-foot ceiling. The pilot circled south of the airport once the runway was in sight. As he lined up on final approach, the pilot realized he had overshot the runway centerline and elected to go around at circling minimums altitude, but fared little better the second time, again ending up 150 feet to the right of the centerline. Because it was raining heavily, the pilot decided to continue the landing and managed to touch down close to the centerline and about 1,000 feet beyond the landing threshold.

The pilot told investigators that the aircraft began sliding right as soon as it touched down, eventually leaving the runway and continuing along the grass near the edge of the hard surface. The Fairchild continued through the grass and again crossed the runway, with the left main landing gear coming to rest in the grass before the aircraft stopped. A runway inspection shortly after the incident revealed standing water on the right side of the runway near the approach end.