Kubick Buys Superior

 - July 5, 2014, 2:30 AM

Kubick Aviation has purchased its larger competitor, Superior Aviation, at Ford Airport in Northern Michigan, to become the sole aviation services provider on the field, which sees approximately 20 operations a day. Kubick moved from its 4,700-sq-ft facility (which was since sold to an aeromedical provider) to the former Superior location, which has a 3,000-sq-ft terminal and 22,000 sq ft of hangar space capable of sheltering aircraft up to the size of a Citation Sovereign. The location offers an FAA certified repair station with an avionics shop, aircraft management services, aircraft rental, 24-hour pilots lounge with refreshments, a 16-seat a/v-equipped conference room, private work space, crew car and free Wi-Fi. Kubick, which had previously provided only self-service avgas, acquired a 3,000-gallon jet-fuel tanker in the transaction, along with its former competitor’s Phillips 66-supplied fuel farm for 10,000 gallons of Jet-A as well as 100LLavgas. Kubick retained nearly all the former Superior employees, tripling its staff in the process.