Jeppesen Releases Enhanced FliteDeck Pro App for iPad

 - July 22, 2014, 2:25 PM

Jeppesen released an enhanced version of its FliteDeck Pro electronic flight bag solution for the iPad. Among the iOS 7-compliant features are new departure and arrival runway depiction (SID and Star) rendering on the en route map to raise pilot situational awareness; a new “flight info drawer” to create, load, view and save the active flight data; user-defined waypoints; and comments to identify important points along the en route map. New integration and collaboration capabilities allow app-to-app route sharing and the ability to import flight plans from third-party flight-planning systems.


With the popularity of tablets in the cockpit, Jeppeson has found itself in a very good position.  Considering Alaska and United have beeing using iPads for the last few years, and that oil has been over a hundred dollars a barrel, more airlines will probably want to get their hands on tablet devices for their pilots. Doing so saves weight since tablets are lighter than haeavy paper flight manuals.

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