Trig Avionics Partners With NextGen GA Fund

 - August 3, 2014, 3:45 AM

Trig Avionics has partnered with the NextGen GA Fund, which will help provide loans for avionics upgrades. Trig’s TT31 mode-S transponder is an easy and cost-effective tray-compatible retrofit for the ubiquitous King KT76A found in many GA aircraft, and this upgrade provides a 1090ES-compliant ADS-B out installation. Trig also manufactures the “world’s smallest” mode-S transponder, the TT22, which features 1090ES ADS-B out and an integral altitude encoder. “We know pilots want an affordable ADS-B out solution that is easy to install and operate,” said Trig marketing manager Jon Roper. “We have a growing STC program that already encompasses a number of popular aircraft types. Most of the ADS-B ground infrastructure is operational, and Trig technology is proven. We think the NextGen GA Fund is a great reason to get organized, using Trig as the hub of your compliant ADS-B out [installation].”