Helicopter Safety Team Is Recruiting More Experts

 - August 18, 2014, 11:15 AM

The U.S. helicopter safety team (USHST) has begun a recruitment drive to convince more helicopter safety experts to join its efforts to reduce accidents and fatalities in the industry. The USHST comprises members from both industry and government focused on safety management, training, maintenance and safety technology.

It develops educational support documents such as safety toolkits, bulletins and essays aimed at improving safe helicopter operational practices that also enhance standard practices and requirements within the civil helicopter industry. USHST experts have created and distributed 18 safety bulletins for operators focused on topics such as visibility, loss of control, CFIT, autorotations, training, safety management and hazard identification.

The team also is searching for an industry co-chair to replace Bill Chiles, who recently retired as CEO of Bristow Group. The team’s government co-chair is Jim Viola, manager of the FAA’s general aviation and commercial division.

For information on joining the USHST effort, contact Steve Sparks at the FAA.