Fuelerlinx Upgrades Bizjet Fuel-tankering Calculator

 - August 28, 2014, 3:28 PM

Fuelerlinx has partnered with Denmark-based flight-planning engine Aviation Cloud to enhance the multi-leg fuel-tankering calculator function in its subscription fuel-pricing service. The company previously had a rudimentary system in place that based its calculations solely on Great Circle routing and took no account of winds aloft. Since fuel represents the majority–as much as 70 percent–of a business aircraft’s operating costs, carefully planned fuel tankering can help lower these costs.

Fuelerlinx’s improved fuel-tankering calculator, which now has a flight-planning component, incorporates data such as airways, real-time weather and vertical profiles for any type of business jet. The software also provides regularly updated fuel pricing, volume price breaks at more than 700 locations around the country and minimum upload to avoid ramp fees.

“It will calculate the maintenance cost per minute and what we call the tankering burn-off percentage, the cost of carrying extra fuel to altitude,” Fuelerlinx CEO Kevin Moller told AIN. “It will take into account all those different variables.” According to the company, the system quickly aggregates data, based on user input and individually customized contract fuel pricing, to help users avoid having to deal directly with FBOs or take on fuel at each stop, thus simplifying flight planning for a multi-leg trip.