News about significant aircraft accidents and information from accident reports.

Regional jet carried members of Brazilian soccer team en route to tournament finals
German investogators said the pilot-in-command decided to “conduct the VFR approach even though he was aware of prevailing [IMC in fog] at the airport."
During the time leading up to the collision, the local controller was handling nine aircraft.
Weather at the time of the accident “was near or in exceedance of the aircraft’s maximum tailwind and crosswind component for landing.”
Findings based on final satellite communications and evidence that wing flap remained retracted upon separating from aircraft
Preliminary and final reports
FSF’s GSIP crosses both air transport and bizav because they share many of the same challenges.
The vice presidential candidate's Boeing 737 traveled through the arrestor bed on LGA's Runway 22.
The jet lifted off the runway at about 134 knots, but a moment later the right wing and right landing gear hit the snowplow before the airplane crashed.
NTSB recommended FAA require flight data monitoring programs and safety management systems for all Part 135 operators.