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Nordam and 3M Form Alliance

 - December 13, 2006, 12:51 PM

The Nordam Group and 3M’s Aerospace and Aircraft Maintenance Division announced they will begin collaborating on projects to serve customers around the world. Leveraging its expertise in making existing products and line lines “better,” 3M will provide technology and expertise to the Nordam Group to help it improve its product and service portfolio. Nordam manufactures, repairs and overhauls bonded-honeycomb and composite components for aircraft, as well as thrust reversers, engine nacelle components, aircraft interiors and transparencies.

In addition to bringing together Nordam’s manufacturing capabilities and 3M’s research and development expertise, the agreement will also offer both companies broader access to business jet and repair industries and will help streamline manufacturing processes, according to the companies.

One example of how the collaboration is assisting customers is Nordam and 3M’s introduction of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to aerospace. With RFID tags, tiny microchips and antennas can be affixed to aircraft parts and tools, allowing them to be easily tracked throughout a factory. The companies have been working with launch customer Gulfstream on proof of concept since April, installing a beta site for RFID testing. The project includes the introduction of 3M’s “track and trace” technology that includes RFID tags, readers and application software. Separately, Nordam is to relocate its European headquarters from Amsterdam to Toulou