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CRM runs biofuel engine

 - June 17, 2007, 12:31 AM

In a nod to increasing concerns about the environmental impact of aircraft, CFM International has successfully tested one of its engines fueled by a mix of biofuel and normal Jet-A1 kerosene.The company said the target is for a 20-percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

The biofuel consists of a 30-percent vegetable oil methyl ester and the tests were carried out at Snecma’s Villaroche facility outside Paris with no changes to the engine. “Our goal is to identify replacements for traditional hydrocarbon-based fuels, including synthetic fuels that use a mixture of biofuels and jet fuel,” said Snecma vice president of engineering Pierre Thouraud.

The company admits, however, that while it is “satisfied” with the first test, there remain “major technology challenges,” including energy density, thermal stability, low- and high-temperature use and lubrication.