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JetNet Introduces Data Service Enhancements At EBACE

 - May 21, 2014, 11:10 AM

Aviation data services provider JetNet (Booth 6015) of Utica, New York announced here at EBACE a significant expansion of its aviation-specific customer relationship management tool, JetNet CRM. The new features include market analysis, research and prospect management functions.

Aimed at aircraft brokers, the CRM enhancements will be included in a major new release of the product, which is being renamed JetNet Marketplace Manager to highlight its new functionality and expanded applications.

“When we see a need in the marketplace, we fill it,” said JetNet president Vincent Esposito. “We saw the potential to do more with [the data] for those who buy and sell aircraft. This was the perfect opportunity to develop a software service that fits uniquely within the aviation marketplace, and be customizable by our users themselves.”

Marketplace Manager incorporates market analysis, market research, including sold comparables and market surveys, along with prospect management, enabling each client to create a unique view of the aircraft market tailored to meet their needs. To ensure the data’s security, each subscriber’s application is hosted separately.

As of March 2014, JetNet’s database of in-operation aircraft exceeded 100,000 airframes, which includes business jets, business turboprops, commercial airliners and helicopters, along with comprehensive details on airframes, engines, avionics and cabin amenities.