Singapore Air Show

Meggitt’s Vibro-Meter division monitors engine bearing health

 - November 30, 2006, 12:18 PM

Meggitt (Stand A536) is introducing a number of products, including new developments in engine monitoring equipment revealed by its Vibro-Meter subsidiary. Fitted on the Boeing 737, for example, the new vibration monitors continuously check specific engine bearings and detect unusual signatures using advanced signal processing.

As a result, preventative maintenance messages are issued to avoid engine damage, with the Vibro-Meter’s built-in functions troubleshooting system faults, reviewing vibration data and calculating optimal rotor balance solutions. But the products of several other companies underline the fact that Meggitt has been on the acquisition trail as it plays a part in the consolidation of the aerospace industry.

Consequently, visitors to the company’s stand can explore products from Dunlop Aerospace Braking Systems, Dunlop Equipment, Serck Aviation, Sensorex and Whittaker Controls. Whitaker is showing new control valves that compensate for the thermal expansion that reduces bypass pressure and enhances aero engine performance by mixing fourth- and ninth-stage engine bleed air back into the engine to expand and contract the casing and optimize turbine tip clearance.

The show is also the springboard for the launch of a patented balanced ball and seal design that is almost impervious to wear damage through stream contamination, with a mean time between unit replacement four times better than conventional butterfly models; 40 percent less components and weight; a balanced seal design needing less actuation force; greater flow through smaller ducts; and normal operation up to 1,150 degrees F.

Also making for significant savings, Meggitt Safety Systems’ drop-in replacement flight lock actuator for the Boeing 777 has seen a 400 percent mean time between failure improvement over conventional models, with a brushless DC motor for less wear and tear, electronic current control for lower heat and longer life, direct drive reducing mechanical wear and improved ball screw design reducing jamming potential.

When Meggitt acquired Dunlop Aerospace late last year, the facility provided only wheel and brake aftermarket services but now it supports condition monitoring as well as control and fire detection products for some sister Meggitt businesses. Finally, Meggitt’s acquisition of Serck Aviation last year allow it now to provide shell and tube heat exchangers, expanding the company’s thermal management and control systems’ capability. Fitted to the Rolls-Royce Trent 900, this keeps the engine’s lubricating oil at the correct operating temperature under all flying conditions.