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CTT Systems to dry 787

 - December 11, 2006, 9:26 AM

Having been selected by Boeing to provide zonal-drying equipment for the new Model 787 airliner, Sweden’s CTT Systems (Stand W607) is keen also to supply humidification kits for the aircraft, which has a large element of carbonfiber-reinforced plastic composites material in its airframe. Although the U.S. manufacturer has suggested that condensation inside the jetliner’s composites hull will be less significant than on airframes constructed largely from established aluminum alloys, CTT remains unconvinced.

The cabin environmental systems specialist acknowledges that it is surprised to have been chosen to supply only drying equipment. The company is now trying to talk to Boeing about its Star equipment which provides necessary humidity in first- and business-class cabins, which tend to be drier because of the lower passenger density compared with economy sections.

But Liljenberg is consoled that CTT humidifiers  are at least an option on the 787 and the Airbus A380 very large airliner for crew-rest areas and for the 787 flight-deck. He quotes medical opinion that airline passenger cabins should provide a minimum of 20 percent humidity, compared with the around 5 percent typically found in premium cabins.

This month CTT was chosen to provide zonal drying for Dutch airline Martinair for three Airbus A320s for installation before mid-2006. Martinair already has experience of the equipment in its larger Boeing 767 and McDonnell Douglas MD-11 aircraft. The removal of condensation (typically from inside the crown of an airliner’s fuselage) reduces weight and therefore fuel consumption, and improves reliability by reducing maintenance, claims CTT.