Dubai Air Show

Stork-Fokker F100s to go to Iran

 - December 11, 2006, 6:25 AM

Officials from Stork-Fokker Services are meeting with IranAir’s new chairman and managing director Saeid Hesami here at the show to talk over plans to send another three Fokker 100s from Brazil’s TAM to the Islamic Republic’s national carrier. IranAir has become Fokker Services’ best customer in the region primarily because a U.S. trade embargo limits the shipment to Iran of aircraft  with more than 10-percent U.S. content. The Fokker regional jets remain the only Western models that qualify for export. With the three additional 100-seat jets, IranAir’s Fokker 100 fleet will increase to 11. It took delivery of three others only about a year ago.  

Here promoting its refurbishment program for the complete line of out-of-production Dutch airplanes under the brand name Future, Fokker Services has placed 14 Fokker 50s and 16 Fokker 100s in the Middle East since 2003. The company has opened a branch office in Tehran to support Iranian Fokkers, including 12 Fokker 100s flown by Iran Aseman Airlines.

A joint venture among Fokker Services, Rolls-Royce and other stakeholders, the Future program centers on cost-cutting activities including improved logistic programs, cheaper component repairs, increased use of Web-based technology and more efficient organization. Most of the operators who have recently added Fokker 50s or Fokker 100s have chosen Fokker Services’ Abacus flight-hour-based logistics and component overhaul and repair program.

The Future program also serves military, cargo and executive transport applications. Fokker Services has developed a maritime surveillance conversion of the Fokker 50 prototype and has converted three aircraft to full freighters. It also offers a business jet version of the Fokker 100, with auxiliary fuel tanks that extend its range to 3,200 nm.