RTCA Task Force Assisting FAA on NextGen Rollout

 - February 19, 2009, 11:10 AM

An FAA-requested RTCA NextGen implementation task force is seeking answers to fundamental questions about the future ATC system. It expects to report its findings by August. Specifically, RTCA, a nonprofit federal advisory committee, is tasked with finding what the system will look like in 2018, the FAA’s current target date to implement NextGen; benefits gained in the mid-term (2012 to 2018); aircraft avionics needs through 2018; what the FAA can deploy in the near term that makes the most of existing resources; and what activities are under way to support future capabilities. Members of the task force represent 24 organizations, of which only the FAA, NASA and DOD are government agencies. NBAA is counted among the 21 non-governmental groups. The first task force meeting was held last week, and NBAA air traffic services director Bob Lamond and Northwest Airlines’ Lorne Cass presented their review of the FAA’s plan. “NBAA is excited about participating in this effort to increase capacity, efficiency and safety in the NAS,” Lamond told AIN. “Our focus will be on recommending capabilities providing the greatest benefit in airspace and airport access.”