Singapore Air Show

Leap Puts Woodward Ahead

 - February 14, 2012, 8:30 AM

Fuel system specialist Woodward, here at the Singapore Airshow (Booth E35) for the first time, is highlighting its contribution to the in-development CFM International Leap engine family. Woodward is providing Leap’s fuel system, including (but not limited to) actuators and air valves. The Fort Collins, Colorado-based company claims to have displaced other suppliers, such as Honeywell and Arkwin, from the new turbofan program.

“We have worked with GE for a number of years on specific enabling technologies that will help the Leap-X engine meet market and customer demands for increased fuel efficiency, lower emissions and reduced noise,” Woodward chairman and CEO Tom Gendron said. Under the agreement, Woodward will be responsible for specification, design, production and after-sales support. CFM International is a joint venture between General Electric and Snecma.

The Leap win is a massive gain in market share, according to marketing manager Scott Davis. Full-rate production, to begin mid-decade, should take Woodward’s stake in the commercial market above 50 percent in three segments. This will consist of a predicted 55 percent in main fuel pumps, 65 percent in fuel metering units and 80 percent in fuel-driven actuators.

The Leap family of engines has been selected to power the Airbus A320neo, the Comac C919 and the Boeing 737MAX.