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Blue Sky’s router mines data, Internet

 - November 8, 2006, 4:54 AM

Blue Sky Network of La Jolla, Calif., has launched a wireless airborne router extending access to its satcom data or for surfing the Internet. The unit manages not only secure wireless standards but also wired Ethernet via its built-in, four-port duplex hub. The wireless airborne router supports features for multiple cabin passengers–ranging from mapping to multi-player games–and pilots, who can exchange files with electronic flight bags.

“The price is compelling for this empowering capability,” said Blue Sky CEO Jon Gilbert, who also announced special pricing at NBAA (Booth No. 4471) that lasts until year-end. Packages for Iridium service including modem unit, portable or console phone, dual-channel antenna and amplified headset adapter, normally priced from $10,995 to $14,995, will be available through December 31 at $9,995 to $12,995.

Discount tiers for the Blue Sky Network Iridium-based satellite communication equipment are meant to lure VLJ customers, as well as some 4,000 users of MagnaStar Airfone systems affected by the eventual termination of service from Verizon. Blue Sky Network equipment is also certified for use with Airshow 4000 from Rockwell Collins.  

The wireless airborne router gives users the ability to “function in the air as they do at home or in the office with similar equipment,” said Gilbert.

The router offers 128-bit WEP encryption for security as well as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), and also serves as a DHCP server and supports VPN pass-through. The router meets the criteria and standards of DO160E EMI, RMI, IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u and IEE 802.11g.

The two flexible antennas can be articulated at 90-degree angles or if space is tight, pointed straight. For increased signal coverage, customers can add external wired antennas via the standard connectors.

The router unit weighs one pound 8.5 ounces, with dimensions of 8.25 by 6.75 by 1.25 inches. Its power requirements can span 20 to 30 volts, and its operational temperature range from 32 to 104 degrees F.