FAA Moves Safety Effort to a Higher Level

 - November 9, 2006, 11:26 AM

The FAA took another step in its efforts to promote a “cultural change” to improve aviation safety–replacing the Aviation Safety Program (ASP) with the new FAA Safety Team or FAASTeam. The ASP addressed so-called “easy-to-fix accident causes,” according to the FAA. “While highly successful, the Aviation Safety Program took a ’shotgun’ approach, educating airmen on all types of safety subjects that successfully reduced accidents in the past. The FAA has created the FAASTeam to take aviation safety one step further.” The FAASTeam will “focus resources on particularly elusive accident causes” using data analysis tools to educate airmen and operators about problems that they are having, especially those related to systems and human factors. Segments addressed by the program include flight operations, maintenance training and service companies. Training will include helping organizations set up safety-management systems, and the FAA will offer seminars live and online.