NTSB Wants Ice Detectors on all Jet Engines

 - November 13, 2006, 9:20 AM

In the aftermath of four dual flameouts involving P&WC JT15D-powered Beechjets, the NTSB on Friday issued an urgent recommendation to help prevent further incidents on Beechjets and a broader recommendation calling on the FAA to work with engine and airplane OEMs to develop an ice detector for new engines, as well as for retrofit. Specifically for the Beechjet, the Safety Board said the FAA "should require pilots to activate ignition and anti-ice systems at high altitudes whenever they are in or near visible moisture, or near convective storm activity, or before any power reduction while in those conditions." In addition to requiring Raytheon Aircraft to incorporate information regarding anti-ice operation and ice formation contained in the company's Safety Communiqué No. 269 into the Beechjet AFM, the FAA wants the information in that communiqué incorporated into the AFMs of other JT15D-powered airplanes. The NTSB believes that many pilots might not be aware of the risk posed by ice crystals at high altitude.