Runway Margin Op Specs Still in Draft

 - November 13, 2006, 11:59 AM

The FAA had planned to deliver Operations Specifications C082 on calculating new landing-distance safety margins by June 30, but it is still in a draft version. Under a new FAA policy published June 7, all Part 121, 135 and 91K (fractional) operators will have to add a 15-percent safety margin to landing distance, taking into account runway conditions and weather at time of arrival, as well as airplane configuration and deceleration means. Draft C082, which requires establishment of FAA-approved compliance procedures and a training program, defines the beginning of the approach procedure as the cutoff point by which the margin must be assessed. Operators must use OEM data on contaminated runway landing distance if available, or develop data based on guidance in the Air Carrier Inspectors Handbook 8400.10. Operators must submit compliance procedures to POIs by September 1, and all operators should be in compliance by October 1.