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Jet Aviation buys smoke defenders

 - November 14, 2006, 7:27 AM

Clearly seeing the value of an emergency vision assurance system, Jet Aviation of Teterboro, N.J., will purchase smoke displacement technology for installation in its company-owned fleet, and as an option for client aircraft. Jet Aviation will acq-uire the system from EVASWorldwide of Ramsey, N.J.

Jet Aviation announced its commitment to EVAS at its display (Booth No. 3797) on Tuesday. Quoting a Washington Post article, Lisa Sasse, EVASWorldwide v-p, said that nearly one flight a day in the U.S. is diverted because of smoke in the cockpit or cabin. The EVAS system, which defends against the effects of heavy and continuous smoke, is manufactured by the Visionsafe Corp.

The technology is the only cockpit smoke system approved and certified by the FAA, EASA and Transport Canada, and the only one of its type allowing pilots to see vital instruments as well as their flight path. There are more than 1,200 EVAS systems in use worldwide, being offered as a client option by Cessna Aircraft Co., Gulfstream Aerospace, Bombardier and Dassault Falcon Jet.