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SATSair buys 50 SR22s for new air taxi service

 - November 14, 2006, 7:34 AM

SATSair, the Greenville, N.C. air taxi startup, announced yesterday it has signed a $45 million deal with Cirrus Design Corp. (Booth No. 2957) to add 50 new Cirrus SR22 piston single-engine aircraft to its fleet, with an option to purchase 50 more.

The purchase will support SATSair’s plans to expand its service area to include more than 100 airports throughout Florida beginning on November 1. SATSair president Steve Hanvey said the year-old company is seeking $25 million in financing to support the expansion, which includes hiring and training up to 100 pilots. Hanvey said the company is also evaluating how and if a jet produced by Cirrus would fit into the company’s business model.

Hanvey said SATSair has been flying more than 1,000 passengers a month within its current service area, which includes southwestern Pennsylvania, the Midatlantic, and much of the Southeast. The average flight time is 1.4 hours at about 180 knots, with the aircraft each flying about 50 hours per month. Block time packages range from $420 per hour for a 50-hour block to $525 per hour for a five-hour block.    –M.S.