FAA Revises AD Mailing Policy

 - November 15, 2006, 8:17 AM

The FAA clarified a new policy to mail paper Airworthiness Directives applicable to engines only to owners and operators who have “registered” their engine. Confusion arose because engines aren’t registered separately from aircraft, although a block on the FAA registration form allows buyers to list engine type. The FAA planned to stop mailing printed engine ADs to aircraft owners who had not filled in the engine block on the registration form. In a clarification, the FAA acknowledged the confusion and said it will continue mailing engine ADs to registered aircraft owners based on the type of engine typically installed on the aircraft and not only on information in the engine block of the registration form. “With further investigation,” an FAA spokesman explained, “we have reverted to our previous method of distributing engine ADs to both registered aircraft owners (who may have the engine installed) and owners of aircraft that have identified in the database that they do have the engine installed.”