FAA To Protect Program from Public Access

 - November 21, 2006, 4:36 AM

To encourage more industry participation, the FAA is proposing that information provided to the agency from the voluntary disclosure reporting program (VDRP) be protected from public access in accordance with the provisions of FAR Part 193. Under these provisions, the FAA is required to prevent the information from being made available to the public, including under the Freedom of Information Act. “The designation is intended to encourage participation in the VDRP,” the FAA said. The program, adopted in 1998 and described in Advisory Circular 00-58, provides a way for a certificate holder to voluntarily report apparent FAR violations within its own organization and promptly take steps to correct them without being subjected to FAA penalties. Comments are due by June 26. For more information, contact the FAA at (703) 661-0275