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CMC satcom antenna designed for bizav

 - November 28, 2006, 12:24 PM

A compact satellite communications high-gain antenna system developed by CMC Electronics (Booth No. 1014) will be brought to market in the middle of the year. Dubbed SatLite, the latest generation antenna supports Inmarsat Aero-H/H+, Swift64 and SwiftBroadband satellite communications services and has been optimized for use in business jets and regional airliners.

The top-mounted low-profile antenna has an integrated beam steering unit that uses advanced technology based on years of experience in the field, including the popular CMA-2102 high-gain antenna system. The fuselage-mounted antenna is expected to be certified and entering production for launch customer Boeing by the middle of this year.

The SatLite electronically steered antenna weighs only 16.75 pounds and provides a robust performance at low elevation angles for aircraft flying at high altitudes, which enables it to offer coverage beyond Inmarsat’s specified hemispherical zone.

An important benefit for some customers will be the SatLite’s compatibility with new generation Arinc 781 and legacy Arinc 741 terminal equipment.

To date, CMC has delivered more than 2,000 Inmarsat satcom antenna systems to around 100 airline, OEM, military, corporate and VIP customers.

According to Bruce Bailey, CMC’s vice president for commercial aviation, the Canadian firm is now updating its satcom system for the wide area augmentation system (WAAS) that forms part of the future CNS/ATM air traffic management architecture. This capability should be certified by the spring of 2007.