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RusAero smooths Russian and CIS permit processes

 - November 29, 2006, 5:50 AM

RusAero has become established as a leading source for civil aviation support services in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, handling or facilitating movements mainly from abroad. With a substantial staff in its Moscow head office and representatives in most cities, the company is authorized to obtain permits from the Russian civil aviation authority, which selects navigators from Aeroflot or Gazpromavia to accompany foreign cockpit crews when necessary.

In practice this means that unless foreign aircraft seek to fly between international airports within the CIS, operations to airports where ICAO English cannot be guaranteed require the presence of a qualified escort interpreter/navigator on the flight deck. Such a person will also ensure that ground handling, including refueling, operates smoothly.

RusAero was the first to be certified by the Russian Federal Aviation Transport Agency as a flight dispatch center and, operating 24/7, it aims to secure landing and overflight clearances within two hours. Growing at the rate of 30 percent per year since 2003, RusAero now handles more than 1,000 flights every month at more than 100 airports in Russia and the CIS.

RusAero has Pulkovo Aircraft Services as a partner at St. Petersburg, while Shannon Air Ukraine is its agent in that neighboring country. Like RusAero, Shannon Air Ukraine provides 24/7 service and maintains a wide network of experienced representatives at all Ukrainian airports.

As well as helping CIS operators when they fly abroad, RusAero works closely with TAG Aviation, Execujet, Spanair and other major operators.