OEMs Testify on GA Industry Challenges

 - January 8, 2007, 7:16 AM

Testifying yesterday at a field hearing in Wichita before the House subcommittee on aviation, general aviation manufacturing leaders urged Congress to take a “strong and proactive” role in issues that could negatively affect the GA industry. “Regulatory changes that put an undue financial burden on general aviation, inconsistencies in rule interpretations and illogical regulatory priorities will eventually cripple our industry,” said Cessna chairman, president and CEO Jack Pelton. He added that current delays regarding FAA aircraft certification “threaten Cessna’s business plan.” Raytheon Aircraft chairman and CEO Jim Schuster stressed the importance of ensuring that FAA funding and resources are allocated in the way that Congress intended. “If the certification of new aviation products becomes onerous or subject to delays in the U.S., the general aviation industry will be severely disadvantaged in the global marketplace.” In his testimony, General Aviation Manufacturers Association president and CEO Peter Bunce noted that modernization of the ATC system, tax policy, export controls and liability reform are additional areas of concern.