Wind a Factor in Falcon 900EX Overrun

 - January 8, 2007, 9:49 AM

On March 3 Falcon 900EX N973M sustained minor damage during a landing overrun at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. According to the NTSB preliminary report issued today, the trijet was initially cleared for the ILS to Runway 6. However, after a wind check reported the wind from 290 degrees at 10 knots, the pilots requested clearance to land on the reciprocal Runway 24. Due to the wind conditions, the pilots added 10 knots to their landing approach speed of 120 knots. Just before touchdown, the control tower reported the wind from 290 degrees at 15 knots, gusting to 20 knots. Both pilots reported that the airplane touched down on the runway centerline, “close to” or “within” the touchdown zone. Several witnesses at the airport told the NTSB they saw the airplane touch down about halfway along Runway 24. The airplane came to rest in mud, about 330 feet from the end of the runway. A weather observation taken after the incident reported the wind from 330 degrees at 19 knots, gusting to 26 knots.