Automated LOAs Void Need for RVSM Renewals

 - January 9, 2007, 4:57 AM

Part 91 operators who have been renewing their FAA letters of authorization (LOAs) permitting operations in RVSM airspace no longer need to do so under a new system in effect since February 6. The FAA automated operations safety system is now issuing all Part 91 LOAs, approvals that stay in effect as long as the information contained in the LOA remains valid. In the past, LOAs had remained valid for two years. Local FSDO inspectors and some pilots had incorrectly been referring to the new type of LOA as an operations specification document. While the two documents look similar, ops specs are issued only to commercial operators. The FAA decided to set up the national LOA-tracking database after 9/11, when officials realized there was no central system for quickly identifying which airplanes were permitted to operate in what airspace.