GAMA’s Bunce: VLJs Won’t ‘Blacken the Sky’

 - January 9, 2007, 3:59 AM

General aviation is not going to “blacken the sky” with very light jets, said General Aviation Manufacturers Association president and CEO Pete Bunce, and he took issue with those who would use that claim for a “misguided imposition” of user fees on GA. He said that GA manufacturers have “listened with amazement” as the airlines and some in the Administration have used the phrase “onslaught of these microjets.” A recent joint study by NASA and the Joint Planning and Development Office places the maximum number of VLJs at 8,700 by 2016. Bunce said that  figure “certainly will not generate an additional 20,000 flights per day,” to accommodate the VLJ workload, as some have claimed.