Tougher MU-2B Pilot Training Eschews Type-rating

 - January 9, 2007, 7:26 AM

More stringent training requirements for pilots of Mitsubishi MU-2Bs have been recommended by an FAA Flight Standardization Board (FSB) report, but they stop short of mandating a type rating for the turboprop twin. The report follows a safety review initiated by the agency last year following a series of MU-2B accidents. According to the report, “Current regulatory requirements for a single-pilot type-rated aircraft are not adequate to address the training, checking and currency necessary for safe operation” of the MU-2B. The report details the differences in specific areas of operation and training between the MU-2B and type-rating requirements. For Part 135 operators, the additional requirements will become part of their FAA-approved training syllabus and will become effective after the FAA approves the FSB report. For the vast majority of MU-2Bs that are operated under Part 91, a special FAR will be promulgated through the usual rulemaking process, which is expected to take several months.