EASA Certifies Ae270 Turboprop

 - January 11, 2007, 10:36 AM

On December 15, the European Aviation Safety Agency awarded the type certificate for the Ibis Aerospace Ae270 turboprop single to Aero Vodochody, the Czech partner in the joint venture with Taiwan’s Aerospace Industries Development. FAA approval is expected shortly. Ibis said its expects to receive additional financing next year that will fund development to the production phase. However, the current version of the aircraft has not met its performance targets and the manufacturer now intends to develop an improved Ae270 that will go into production. The Ae270B will have a larger, lighter wing that will be longer and deeper than the existing design. Repositioned flaps and ailerons will provide greater range and improve stall characteristics. The Ae270B is not expected to receive certification until mid-2007 at the earliest.