Raytheon Issues 1900D Maintenance Alerts

 - January 11, 2007, 10:35 AM

Raytheon issued a new safety communiqué to advise Beech 1900 operators of another misleading illustration in the type’s maintenance manuals. The notice represents the latest in a series of manual revisions prompted by the crash of two Beech 1900D airliners that killed 23 people in 2003. The communiqué, mailed to operators on December 5, warns that an illustration incorrectly depicts the position of the trim cable terminal ends during an installation of a forward rudder-trim cable. After installing the cable, a 1900C operator found the rudder tab to move in the direction opposite that commanded by the rudder-trim cockpit control. After investigating the incident, Raytheon found that the 1900D manual contained the same discrepancy. The company recommends that all 1900 operators who have installed a forward rudder-trim cable since November 2004 perform a rudder-trim operational check.