Visas: ’Better Get It and Not Regret It’

 - January 23, 2007, 10:02 AM

Confusion about French visa requirements for U.S. general aviation aircrew is causing many flight departments to scramble for proper documents. While it has been a rule for several years–a cursory glance at an August 2003 edition of IATA’s Travel Information Manual shows that crewmembers who are U.S. nationals are required to have visas to enter France–U.S. corporate aircrew are only now encountering occasional demands for visas from French transportation authorities. Some industry observers suggest the uptick in enforcement may be in response to recent tightening of U.S. visa requirements. Christine Vamvakas, a trip support specialist with international handler Universal Weather & Aviation, advises her clients, “Better get it and not regret it.” According to Bob Wallis at international handler Air Routing International, some customers have already obtained five-year multi-entry visit visas for their pilots “just in case.”