Public Being Asked To Comment on Numerous Issues

 - January 26, 2007, 10:23 AM

The DOT in its advance NPRM asks the public to comment on the following questions:

(1) How might customers and passengers benefit from the information covered by the NTSB recommendation in making their air-taxi service purchase decisions?

(2) Should any notice requirement, if adopted, also apply to air charter brokers and other ticket agents who arrange for air transportation for air-taxi customers?

(3) To what extent is each of the notices recommended by the Safety Board already provided in the normal course of business to persons who travel on air taxis? If such notice is not currently routinely provided, what, if any, practical difficulties would the on-demand air taxi industry likely face in providing the notice?

(4) What costs, if any, would the recommended changes impose on the industry? Would there be any paperwork burdens? Would there be a significant economic impact on a substantial number of small entities?

(5) How might the disclosure of the names of the owners of the aircraft involved in the arranged flights be useful to customers and passengers? What, if any, practical or privacy concerns would be raised by such a requirement?

(6) At what point in time must any notice, if required, first be provided to be effective, e.g., in printed and Web site advertisements, to potential customers when they are seeking information, anytime prior to entering into a contract, upon signing the contract, or anytime prior to boarding the aircraft?

(7) If adopted, what form should any notice requirement take? That is, is verbal notice sufficient or must the notice be in writing?

(8) Finally, what are the practical problems in requiring notice to individual passengers of an on-demand air taxi? Would any notice requirement be sufficient if provided to the person contracting for the flight, e.g., the customer’s broker/agent, a corporation’s travel department or an executive’s assistant who arranged the flight?